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Premier Perrottet - It's Time, Keep Going!

It's Time - Keep Going!

The Government is about to respond to the Ice Inquiry recommendations – let’s tell them it’s time and we are ready!

It was reported in the Daily Telegraph that they are looking at reforms with more diversion away from the criminal system and more funding for treatment. Premier Perrottet was quoted saying about drug law reform “If you are doing the right thing, you should keep going”. We agree!

An email is one way to communicate with the Government about an issue that matters to you. We’ve provided this form to make it easy for you to contact the Premier about fair and sensible drug reforms.  

We encourage you to edit the text provided and personalise your message. Tell Premier Perrottet about yourself, where you come from and what community, organisation, church or group you represent. Most importantly, we hope you can share your story and why drug legislation reform is important to you. 

Email the Premier - Keep Going

Send an email to the Premier supporting fairer drug legislation and more access to treatment Dom Perrottet

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