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I grew up in a very dis-functional family in the western suburbs of Sydney.There was a lot of drinking and I was exposed to alcohol at a very early age.You could say that this was my first exposure to drugs.Due to a drunken incident I was sent to a boys home for a number of years until I reached 17yrs old and legally allowed to be transferred to an adult prison.I will not go into the details of what it was like but I will say that I was abused and very frightened for most of the time.It was while inside prison that I first tried heroin.The effect that it had was one of being in a safe place and untouchable by the chaos that surrounded me.I liked it and I liked the feelings in gave me.Upon my release I drifted from one meaningless job to another and from one substandard place of residence to another.I could never shake the feelings I had for myself no matter where I was employed or lived.I found refuge in drugs, they took away these feelings of loneliness, despair and a general hatred of myself and the things that I had experienced in my life.I returned time and time to heroin and the way it made me feel.I continued to take drugs for the next 30 odd years on and off.On more than off. I could not stop no matter what good was in my life and those times were as rare as hens teeth.Addiction bought nothing but despair, destruction and desertion.Thinking back I think that all this came about because of the laws for drug use, the amount of money and time spent in my search.eg the shame of being a drug addicted what I had to do to obtain my daily drug supply. I now find myself in my 60s and on an OST programme.My drug days are finally behind me and I want to devote my life to treatment and the laws surrounding drugs and the people who use them.I am in 100% agreement with the aims and objectives of the Fairtreatment Campaign.