In the news

In the news

NSW Government defers finalising drug reforms until new year after ice inquiry recommendations

Ashley Raper, ABC News, 15 Dec 2020

Attorney-General defends drug reform after anticipated decision pushed back

Chris Smith and Mark Speakman, 2GB Sydney Breakfast , 15 Dec 2020

NSW Government will not decriminalise drugs, Attorney-General writes

Liz Daniels, 9 News, 14 Dec 2020

NSW government delays response to ice inquiry amid internal dispute

Tom Rabe and Lucy Cormack, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Dec 2020

As a police commander, I used to ask myself: was drug use really a matter of crime?

Frank Hansen, The Guardian, 11 Dec 2020

NSW Bar Association President’s OPINION PIECE on DRUG LAW REFORM

Mark McHugh, 10 Dec 2020

NSW police boss supports fines, health support for personal drug use

Anna Caldwell and Perry Duffin, Daily Telegraph, 10 Dec 2020

Nationals against drug reform are out of step with rural communities

Stephen Lawrence, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 Dec 2020

Interview with Mark Hancock, businessman. Fordham discusses Hancock’s ice addiction

Ben Fordham at 2GB, Sydney, Breakfast on 8 Dec 2020 8:17 AM.

We will save lives in regional Australia by treating drug use as a health issue, not a criminal one

Simon Hansford, The Guardian, 7 Dec 2020

Ice commissioner warns law and order debate is holding back reform

Alexandra Smith, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 Dec 2020

It’s Sunday chat time and my Sunday chat guest this week is Dr. Marianne Jauncey

Simon Marnie at ABC Radio Sydney on 6 Dec 2020 11:37 AM.

Why the NSW proposal to ‘depenalise’ drug possession has prompted such a vicious backlash

WEB MSN Australia on 5 Dec 2020 6:49 AM.

NSW MPs have played down concerns about another rift in cabinet as it finalises a drugs policy.

Michael Tetlow at ABC News, Sydney, ABC News on 4 Dec 2020 12:15 AM.

Politicians must find their nerve on sensible drug reform in Australia – not give in to moral panic

Will Tregoning, The Guardian, 3 Dec 2020

NSW Government is saying it’s ruled out decriminalising possession

Fiona Wyllie at ABC Mid North Coast on 3 Dec 2020 5:53 PM.

Includes interview with Rev. Simon Hansford.

Church groups have welcomed a potential new approach by the NSW Government to penalties for small amounts of illicit drugs for personal use

Newsreader at ABC Radio Sydney, Sydney, 08:00 Newson 3 Dec 2020 8:03 AM.

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Radio National (Sydney)

‘There is no stereotype’: I became an ice addict at the age of 63

Mark Hancock at Sydney Morning Herald on 7 Dec

‘They need to talk to us’: Leaked drug reforms reveal Coalition’s city-country divide

Lucy Cormack, Sydney morning Herald, 6 Dec 2020

Mother who lost daughter to overdose backs drug law reform

Jennie Ross-King on Nine News, 3 Dec 2020

Courts are the wrong place to tackle drug use

Alison Ritter at Sydney Morning Herald on 3 Dec 2020

Reforming drug laws may be the next contentious issue to implode within the NSW Coalition Government. Senior ministers are playing down concerns of another rift in cabinet

Juanita Phillips at ABC, Sydney, ABC News on 3 Dec 2020 7:07 PM.

Interview with David Shoebridge, Greens MP. Buck notes they have been discussing proposed changes to drug laws in NSW and the recommendations from the ice inquiry.

Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck at ABC Radio Sydney, Sydney, Breakfast on 3 Dec 2020 7:14 AM, including an except of interview with Marianne Jauncey.

Approach were policing drugs, but the government has ruled out decriminalising the possession of illicit drugs the Reverend Simon Hansford from the uniting church

Kristy Reading at ABC New England North West, Tamworth, Breakfast on 3 Dec 2020 7:28 AM.

Interview with Marianne Jauncey, medical director, Kings Cross Safe Injecting Room. Harmer notes the NSW Government’s response to the Special Commission into the Drug Ice inquiry and its 109 recommend

Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck at ABC Radio Sydney, Sydney, Breakfast on 3 Dec 2020 6:38 AM.


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